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OML is a duly incorporated limited company registered in Nigeria with Registration Number 644669, as an indigenous innovative outfit whose operations includes but not limited to the following - Marine logistics Services, Equipment leasing, Oil & Gas  engineering tools Services, marine vessel management services .

The company’s major objective is to provide effective quality services to the oil and gas, marine, construction, industrial and engineering sectors of the West African economy. With a well selected and trained technical workforce, coupled with strong financial base, well structured organizational framework,  respect and recognition from key operators in these sectors, OML has continued to enlarge its operations professionally and commanding huge respect and very positive referrals  in our operating environment and beyond.

OML strives to continue as a pacesetter in the energy and marine support industries while providing our customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity and full value for their invested funds. We also continually strive to improve the communities in which we live and operate while protecting the environment effectively.
The company’s expertise and advanced skills and techniques on ocean going and inland waterways vessel, manpower operations, personnel management,  oil and engineering maritime projects consulting have been highly acclaimed by operators due to the diligent and efficient delivery of projects on time and cost with efficient safety management procedures and environmental protection programs and policies.
As clearly visible from our past and recent performance, OML is truly committed to growing `and expanding rapidly in its operations and performance. We aim to continuously improve our rating and productivity by involving latest technological advancements with knowledge based well trained work force.

What makes our company different from the rest operating in our environment is our ability to gather the best tools and expertise available in the industry, manage them professionally to yield great results to the satisfaction of our valued clients, customers and stakeholders.

Our strategic focus on safety, environmental preservation and protection, knowledge based skilled workforce and efficient project management and customer service systems; OML continues to be one of the fastest growing marine and engineering service companies and leading providers of quality services to big players in many sectors of the economy.

We have grown from a one leased barge and tug, into a widely diverse fleet of tugs and barges, oil and engineering tools warehouse with diversified operations in completion services
We pride in our ability to meet and surpass our clients expectations and targets by delivering on schedule within agreed budget, quality equipments and services in an environmentally health and safe manner.
Having been in business in a busy challenging environment, we have learned long ago that nothing we do is more important than the safety of our people and the environment. With safety as our basic guiding principle, OML will not take a job unless we believe it can be performed safely. From job screening, to job planning, to job execution, we carefully consider the impact our work will have on our people and the environment.
 Our team of engineers, project managers, superintendents, foremen, and laborers work hand-in-hand with our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department to make each job a safe and successful one. At OML, we make it a basic rule that every employee is truly a member of our safety department.
We operate within the West African coastal environment and pride ourselves in meeting up with required regulatory operating permits, licenses, etc. The company ensures that all her necessary documentation or work permits are upto date that enables her to operate under the CABOTAGE ACT.
OML follows all Policies and procedures while local laws and Quality regulations are observed during operations.
The quality policy of OML is clearly stated in our mission, vision and values statements. The Management Team defines this quality policy, communicates it regularly and ensures that it is understood, implemented and maintained throughout all levels of the workforce.




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Our Objectives

Our driving force is our ability to manage the best hands in the industry professionally through effective training and organizational project .....

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Our Vision

A conducive professional operating environment where all stakeholders will have a sense of collective responsibility and using modern organization project.....


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Our Mission

To bring visible change to the marine and oil sector service delivery in our region through expert delivery of services and imbibing global standards in all ..

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Our Safety Objectives

The specific safety systems and procedures are in place to ensure the following safety policy objectives are met: To investigate the cause of all acident


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