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Quality Assurance Policy

Quality assurance is complying with applicable standards and specifications in product lines and services. The company is committed to Total Quality Management in product and service delivery.
Total quality is a continuous process. Each employee is encouraged to participate through effective communication within the company and the client. The company provides highly motivated and structured training and enabling environment for employees to attain their full potentials.
Although the Managing Director carries the responsibility for the company’s commitment to Quality, all members of staff are required to accept responsibility for implementation and compliance to achieve Total Quality Management throughout the company.



Owens Marine Limited shall comply with all applicable Quality Assurance law, regulations, and Quality Control operation standards of client. And shall take all necessary Quality Assurance precaution related to or arising from the performance of the Contract in order to protect the work, the personnel and property of client, the company and all third parties.

The company aware of and will show understanding of the laws concerning Quality Assurance and working conditions in Nigeria. Care is always taken to ensure that all local law and quality regulations are observed during operations.

This warrants that our company is familiar with the contents and implications of such applicable Quality Assurance laws, regulations and Quality Control operation standards of company client.

We will make every attempt to adapt to all quality procedures and regulations to local laws and safety standards. Where local standards are considered to be less stringent than company or international guidelines, every effort will be made to set and maintain the highest standard while at the same time observing laws.

Owens Marine Limited has a written Quality Assurance Policy and Quality Assurance Manual including, objectives, tasks and targets prepared by the highest management covering Quality control issues. This Manual and Policies have been signed by the Managing Director.




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Our Objectives

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Our Vision

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Our Mission

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Our Safety Objectives

The specific safety systems and procedures are in place to ensure the following safety policy objectives are met: To investigate the cause of all acident


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